The purpose of this association is to provide a forum for the gathering and exchange of information that will lead to the improvement of natural resource management, enhancement of native species and their habitats, and protection and restoration of natural ecosystems and ecosystem functioning. And, to support science-based stewardship of fauna, flora, and their environments

Ecosystems and ecosystem functions provide all sorts of public values, including recreation, clean water, clean air, food, and many intangibles pertaining to quality of life. Government has a major role in the maintenance of ecosystems so that these values are sustainable for future generations. We distinguish ourselves from the good work and mission of professional societies by the belief that those who practice resource management “on the ground” are able to provide unique perspectives on the government role in solving problems and removing obstacles to environmental stewardship, as well as opportunities for improving this stewardship. Finally, we have a high degree of confidence—based on long experience—that the public wants to hear from us in words that are not run through a political filter. We believe taxpayers and license buyers deserve to hear directly from those professionals they employ.

We have been members of the Minnesota Conservation Federation (MCF) and the Fish and Wildlife Legislative Alliance (FWLA) and have in the past had a voting seat on both organizations board of directors. The MNACP pursues membership in the Fish and Wildlife Legislative Alliance (FWLA) and the Minnesota Conservation Federation (MCF) whenever it is feasible. We provide information that helps these conservation organizations lobby for sound resource management legislation. We can provide information to their members through their newsletters. We also provide updates to you about their business through our newsletter.

The association provides training in the form of speakers/presenters, consensus building (issues), and news updates. The association recognizes and promotes excellent work by presenting awards annually to individual employees, employee groups, and private organizations. Many of these may otherwise never be recognized for outstanding work. We also support other agency/group efforts with letters of support, and have made monetary donations to various organizations on occasion.